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    As chauffeured SUVs made their way to the Governor’s awards on Saturday, it remained unclear whether the event would be successful amid the sexual harassment claims that have been ongoing. Some of the people in these SUVs included the likes of Steven Spielberg and Jenniffer Lawrence. This is seen as the first stop before the […]

    The post The Governors Awards Goes on Without Trouble appeared first on Reporter Expert.

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    The medical community is spending a majority of its time on researching age-related diseases, but this is not enough for people like Jason Hope. Mr. Hope is an Arizona-based internet entrepreneur who believes that just as much time should be spent on studying the ways in which we can prevent these diseases as is spent […]

    The post Jason Hope Is Ending Aging in Arizona and Everywhere appeared first on Reporter Expert.

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    Brett J. Talley remains one of the most controversial judicial nominees to be appointed for a court of appeal job by the Trump administration. As we speak, Brett J. Talley awaits to be confirmed for the position by the House. If Senators vote along the party lines like they did last week, he should pass […]

    The post Brett J. Talley Didn’t Disclose All the Information Needed appeared first on Reporter Expert.

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    At NetPicks Trading Strategies, currency trading is a broad term encompassing a wide array of investing platforms revolving around forex (FX) trades. The word forex is an abbreviation for the foreign exchange. People who make forex trades trade in foreign currencies instead of stock shares. Forex traders trade in currency pairs. For instance, a trader may […]

    The post NetPicks Trading Strategies Teach Forex Traders How to Develop Common Sense About Trading appeared first on Reporter Expert.

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    The old saying goes that we should grow old gracefully. But I ask, why do we have to grow old at all? Age is just a number. There are things we can all do to maintain a youthful appearance on the outside. Plus, there are things we can now take that will assist us from […]

    The post Forever Young: Revitalize Your System with Supplements, Hormones, Diet, and Exercise appeared first on Reporter Expert.

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    ORCHARD PARK, N.Y., Nov. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Oncotarget, the world’s largest peer-reviewed research publication specifically devoted to the field of oncology and cancer research, is expanding its service for authors and readers via a series of podcasts that will make it easier for scientists to probe more deeply into the journal’s vast database of research articles. The new, […]

    The post Oncotarget Launches Podcast Series To Support Greater Access to Scientific Research appeared first on Reporter Expert.

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  • 11/15/17--15:55: A Memorial for Slaves
  • Johnnie Butler is a self-taught jazz trombonist. His favorite spot is found in Joseph Rodman Drake Park where he plays his music alone. There is no foot traffic in the area. At the same time, this is an area that has no benches, and he is forced to tag along with his own chair. He […]

    The post A Memorial for Slaves appeared first on Reporter Expert.

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    The University of California Los Angeles has announced that the three students that were arrested in China for shoplifting are not fit to play for the university’s basketball team. These basketball players were at the center of an international incident between China and the United States. They were suspended from the team after they confessed […]

    The post Basketball Players Arrested in China for Stealing Apologize appeared first on Reporter Expert.

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    Most Americans possess little or no knowledge about a disease called inflammatory breast cancer. This rare illness affects greater numbers of people in certain regions, such as northeastern Texas and southern Georgia. It attacks the body much more aggressively than most breast cancers. Risk Factors This medical problem can affect any woman, but an individual […]

    The post Inflammatory Breast Cancer: Detection and Treatment Facts From Cancer Treatment Centers of America appeared first on Reporter Expert.

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    Social media is the talk of the town owing to the potentially addictive nature of websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. In fact, the Guardian published an article last month detailing how social media can “hijack” our minds in addition to controlling us through its technology. However, Nir Eyal, an expert in habit formation, […]

    The post Can Users Control their Social Media Habits? appeared first on Reporter Expert.

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  • 11/20/17--11:13: De-escalation Zones in Syria
  • The six and a half years Syrian civil war seems far from over. The number of attacks being carried out by pro-government forces is on the rise. In the past one month, three attacks have been carried out including some at marketplaces that have resulted in the death of over 50 people. On the other […]

    The post De-escalation Zones in Syria appeared first on Reporter Expert.

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    Cardiovascular disease is a common ailment in the United States. In fact, heart disease in all its forms remains the number one cause of mortality in the nation. Peripheral vascular disease is a fairly common subcategory of this issue that affects millions of people annually. Recent statistics indicate that well over 8 million American adults […]

    The post Life Line Screening: Risk Factors Associated with Peripheral Vascular Disease appeared first on Reporter Expert.

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    At one time in America’s history, the image of a child with pudgy cheeks and chubby legs was a sign of good health and well-being. However, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) offers 21st-century evidence to contradict that misleading concept. Medical science can point authoritatively to the impact that childhood obesity creates, and it affects […]

    The post Dr. Mark Holterman Fights Childhood Obesity in Chicago appeared first on Reporter Expert.